Our technology

The Agromat-Decor Plus LLC company with the DEWEIT trademark is both developer and manufacturer of a composite materials’ complex for thick-film technology. We closely cooperate with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and in particular with the Institute of Technical Thermophysics (ITTF) “Sushka” SE EC, the Institute of Materials Science (IMS), etc.

The main advantage of heating elements using thick-film technology is reliability, energy saving of about 30%, increased product life, and practically unlimited scope from agriculture to the aerospace industry.

Thick-film technology was developed in the United States several decades ago but did not find a wide application in the national economy for its high cost. The reason is that precious materials (silver, palladium, ruthenium, gold) were used in the conductive pastes of world manufacturers’ composition.

A feature of heating elements manufactured by LLC Agromat-Decor Plus is that a composition of conductive pastes without the use of precious metals has been developed, which made it possible to make heating elements available for use not only for special purposes but also in the national economy and in particular domestic heating equipment.

Key features of DEWEIT heating elements:

– Increased reliability (from 40,000 hours);

– Lower power consumption of about 30% compared with tubular, TENOV analogues;

– Ability to work in the most difficult conditions (low temperatures; vapors, solutions, acid-base melts; radiation contamination, etc.)
– Any form from 1 x 1 mm to 300 x 300 mm with a base thickness of 0.5 to 8 mm;
– Any power – specific surface resistance of the film 0.05-50 Ohm / cm2, temperature coefficient of resistance (TCS) – positive;
– Ability to work under any voltage – from 1.5 V to 780 V;
– Range of working temperatures – up to 600 oC;
– Fast exit to working temperature.